Our Story

Tread Connection was founded in 2016 in Charlotte, NC by brothers Paul and Alex Hosage. Prior to founding Tread Connection, Paul, our Chief Business Development Officer, spent many years working in the automotive industry, four of which were spent managing one of the largest independent, nationally known retail tire franchises.  During that time, Paul held multiple positions within the traditional retail tire and automotive repair shop, beginning as a tire technician and ultimately becoming an area manager, with responsibility over 25 retail locations across North Carolina.

As a manager within the traditional tire retail environment, Paul experienced first hand the shortcomings of a "brick-and-mortar" delivery system.   First and foremost, he saw that his customers, even the ones that were perhaps otherwise happy with price and quality, were almost never glad to be sitting in the garage "customer lounge."  They would much rather be at work or with their family than spend two-plus hours in a garage.    Further, the huge overhead of a traditional shop lead to generally higher tire prices than could be delivered in a more efficient environment that wasn't reliant on large, expensive buildings located in high-traffic areas of the city.

Based upon his experience and feedback from customers demanding more convenience, value, and simplicity, Paul and Alex built their first mobile tire installation van and developed the service platform that will change the way America buys tires and wheels.

Highest quality tire sales and service, with fair pricing and no waiting in a garage!    Tread Connection is "On the go, and on your schedule!"

Mission Statement

Our mission  is  to  provide  the best tire and wheel buying experience by consistently delivering convenience, value, and simplicity utilizing our state-of-the-art mobile tire installation platform.  We do this by assembling a team of franchise business owners who are committed to impeccable customer service, innovation, and contributing toward continual quality and process improvement.


Our vision is to become the world's leading retail tire company by delivering convenience, value, and simplicity to our customers.

Core Values

Our company and our franchise owners are committed to these core values:

  • HonestyConduct business with our customers and with each other on a 100% honest and ethical basis, 100% of the time.  

  • Quality:     Consistently deliver extremely high-quality tire sales and installations by using state-of-the-art, well-maintained equipment, engaging in continuous training, and adopting a continuous improvement process.

  • SafetyMaintain a safety-first mindset and overall business operation by:

    • Always operating the mobile tire van within guidelines of all applicable traffic regulations during transit;

    • Always properly utilizing all tire changing equipment and personal safety gear;

    • Always properly raising/jacking the customer vehicle using approved jack points and wheel chocks;

    • Always adhering to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended wheel bolt torque specifications and vehicle and tire manufacturer inflation guidelines.

  • Efficiency:   Maximize efficient processes and scheduling to reduce overhead and waste, while improving the customer experience by shortening the installation period. 

  • Value:   Deliver the highest value tire buying experience to every customer so that they become a repeat customer and recommend us to friends and family.